Baby Announcement: Jonesie, the Hairless Cat Has Arrived

My sister-in-law called just now. She was the first to point out to me that an old episode of “FRIENDS” (apparently I haven’t seen ALL of the episodes after all–who knew?!?) featured a hairless Sphinx cat (clip here: with more than a passing resemblance to our new cat Jonesie…

Jonesie, the new baby.

Jonesie, the new baby.

who arrived here on Wednesday night. Apparently, Rachel got a little scratched up, as have I (see my collarbone below)…

Cue Up a Little Nugent: CAT SCRATCH FEVER


By 10 a.m. on Thursday, the school had already called. Jack’s left eye had swollen closed and the swelling was traveling down his cheek (and I had swollen right eye to  match), which is how we typically react to cats. By the time Dave hand-delivered Jack a Benadryl, he was already over it. So Jack and I are still allergic to the enzymes in Jonesie’s saliva, but washing our hands frequently seems to be staving off more attacks. Jonesie has been sleeping with me, and aside from being awakened by her need for petting every 3 hours, it’s been going smoothly.

We can’t help but think of REN from REN AND STIMPY every time we look at her:

REN of REN & STIMPY, who bears a striking resemblance to Jonesie.

REN of REN & STIMPY fame, who bears a striking resemblance to Jonesie.

But Jack is in love…and that’s what matters the most to Dave and me. Here’s hoping we’re in for a happy ending with Chapter 2 in our quest for the purrfect, allergy-free pet. (Yes, that misspelling was intentional.)

Jack's Constant Companion

Jonesie, Jack’s Partner in Crime