About Comic Book Wife

Hi. I’m Comic Book Wife Denise Dorman. Welcome to my world.

I’m an award-winning writer, creative, producer and publicist. But most of the world knows me as the wife of Eisner/Inkpot/Bram Stoker Award-winning comic book artist Dave Dorman. Here’s your backstage pass to my crazy world–how I balance parenting Jack, parenting my parents, pulling pranks with my friends, and juggling my own busy career while exhibiting with Dave at comic book conventions worldwide…and the rest of our fun-filled, crazy, messy life together. And by the way, Jack wants a dog.


2 thoughts on “About Comic Book Wife

  1. I am the wife of an educator who also happens to be a writer and does comic cons (when we can afford them). I completely agree with you on your “Hidden Truths” blog. We live on the East Coast and I felt the Chicago Wizard World was sooo not worth it in terms of expense paid to do it. We are doing NYCC in Oct and the good thing is we don’t have to worry about hotels because he has family on Long Island and we stay with them. He also shares a table, which cuts on the expense and I have a friend who helps with the train tickets. Still I am thankful he has his day job, (I am a SAHM) and that he is able to do this.

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