Ranger Jack

Today Jack delivers his “Death Valley” report for school in front of a green screen. One of the things I love about his school is their heavy emphasis on public speaking, which they start teaching at an early age. I believe public speaking to be one of the greatest weapons in your arsenal, in the business world and beyond.

Ranger Jack, Reporting on Death Valley

Ranger Jack, Reporting on Death Valley

Today’s Ranger Jack costume is designed by “House of Denise”: my Ron Jon Surf Hat, which Marovich calls my “Inspector Gadget Hat” and tries to hide from me for months on end because she hates it so much, and my Orvis fly fishing vest, which I used to wear for video shoots pre-9/11–those millions of pockets were GREAT!–and then post-9/11, my beloved vest made the TSA scrutinize me a little too closely every time I flew (as in “I lost my virginity to a latex-gloved TSA agent”) so that vest is now retired to my luggage for video shoot travel. I guess I’ll just have to start wearing burquas to prevent future scrutiny.


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