Dave, This is Our New Dog.

My Media Training Crew June 2014, Destin, FL

My Media Training Crew June 2014, Destin, FL

So I’m in Destin, Florida doing media training for a client. My blogger friend and I brainstormed the idea for this blog over breakfast. I called Dave to check in, and he overheard me whispering, “No, I’m not mentioning the blog yet.” I was calling home from a high-rise condo near Eglin AFB, so cell phone sound quality is, shall we say, less than optimal. So he heard, “I’m not mentioning the dog yet.”

Dave freaked. Made me promise not to come home with a dog. I spent the better part of our five-minute conversation reassuring him I wasn’t coming home with a D.O.G. while avoiding the topic of the new blog.

Surprise, honey! This is the dog I was talking about! 

So Jack’s not getting a dog. Yet. But ComicBookWife.com will get regular feedings. And I promise to take it for a walk every once in a while.