Top 10 List: How to Know You’re An Old Pro at San Diego Comic-Con Fandom

An SDCC 2017 attendee friend and I were chatting on the back channels of Facebook today. He shared this photo with me of the SyFy Channel’s sign, boldly listing “true SDCC fandom” characteristics. We were having a good laugh about how we would write this list. Can you pass our sniff test? I’ll bet those of you reading this will have some great additions to our list–feel free to chime in and share!

And speaking of SDCC 2017, I hope you got a chance to check out Dave Dorman’s new creator-owned WASTED LANDS novella and his AMAZING TALES OF THE WASTED LANDS pulp fiction magazine Kickstarter campaign! Here’s your handy link:

Are YOU a Pro at the Con? But can you meet MY criteria?

You Pass the SDCC Old Pro Fandom Sniff Test If…

  1. You can pronounce Bill Sienkiewicz’s last name correctly.
  2. You can correctly identify the actual creator–and for bonus points, the publisher–of the character you’re cosplaying.
  3. You attended SDCC back when the signage all over San Diego still said “Celebrating the Comic Arts.”
  4. You know why Ralph McQuarrie matters to the Star Wars universe.
  5. Creators know your name without even looking at your badge.
  6. You don’t drink a drop of liquid for 12 hours before you see a panel in Hall H. Also, you bring gum and a snack.
  7. You know 501st isn’t a style of Levis, but the world’s largest cosplay organization.
  8. You carry extra Sharpies in black and silver, in case the artists’ Sharpies go dry.
  9. You know where to find your favorite booths without relying on the guide book.
  10. You attended Preview Night when it was still exclusive to pros.



Coach Dave

So Dave is moving forward in his new Assistant Football Coaching career, as you can see. He’s now officially certified to identify a concussion and give CPR, which might someday come in handy for the Hall H line at #SDCC. He ignored my suggestion to French kiss the Resuscitation Annie model and freak out the instructors, muttering something about them no longer doing the whole mouth-to-mouth thing.

Captivating Bathroom Reading.

Captivating Bathroom Reading.

Cue Up 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?': "He's Bonafide!"

Cue Up ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’: “He’s Bonafide!”

Dave’s vast football knowledge actually came in handy for me this week. I was writing a client radio ad to run during Auburn and Crimson Tide games, and my fast internet search wasn’t terribly forthcoming with whether a quarterback played offense or defense. And of course, my ADD brain simply turns off anything I find uninteresting. Like football.

I wonder if  tennis coaches are required to have concussion and CPR training?