Eugene and Daniel Levy’s SCHITT’S CREEK = Comedy GOLD

My BFF Marovich is, naturally, my fellow comedy nerd. Take this morning’s racquetball game, for example. If my serve is long, I hear the words “Long…” (yelled loudly) followed by “Duck Dong…” (said in a barely audible almost-whisper) and if my serve is short, I hear the whispery “Martin” followed by the more loudly yelled “Short!” Not that my serves are oft of either ilk, mind you…

We could hardly wait to finish this morning’s game and get back to her place to watch Eugene Levy, Chris Elliott, and Catherine O’Hara’s latest offering, Schitt’s Creek. (Unbelievably, my “AT&T U-Verse every-channel-in-the-universe FIOS package” that Dave Dorman demands we subscribe to–for the low, low price of a compact car payment–doesn’t carry the POP Network).

Side bar: There was a couple watching us play who had our court for the following hour. When Marovich and I stepped out of the court, the husband said that he knew we were tennis players, due to our double-handed backhands (busted!), and that we looked “well-matched,” which I just loved, because I knew that made my hyper-competitive friend’s shorts pucker a bit. Ha! (Truthfully, when the day arrives that I can beat Marovich at any sport, I’ll be taking out a full page ad in the Chicago Tribune to announce it.)

Schitt's Creek Official Press Image

Schitt’s Creek Official Press Image

But I digress. Back to Schitt’s Creek. I saw creators Eugene Levy and Daniel Levy  interviewed on WGN Morning News about their new show two weeks ago, and I’ve rarely been so excited by the promise of a new comedy. Basically, the Rose family’s assets are seized by the IRS because their financial manager didn’t pay their taxes, and their only remaining asset is a town called Schitt’s Creek, that the patriarch Johnny Rose (played by Eugene Levy) bought as a practical joke for their son, David. (If I had stupid amounts of cash, this is totally something I would do, so the plot really clicked with me.)

The town sign says it all...

The town sign says it all…and I SO want this if it’s ever a t-shirt.

Here’s your link to a Schitt’s Creek commercial, which sets up the premise of the show for you, and (BONUS!) an interview at the back end with Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara:

From Episode 1, we soon discovered Daniel Levy is an absolutely adorable comedic delight. Now I must see everything else he’s done.

When Mayor Roland Schitt, played deftly by GENIUS and no longer under-utilized talent Chris Elliott

Mayor Schitt (Chris Elliott) and Johnny Rose the video king (Eugene Levy)

Mayor Roland Schitt (Chris Elliott) and Johnny Rose the video king (Eugene Levy)

removes the doors from the Rose family’s motel rooms in a snit and Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara) remarks that their open-to-the-world rooms are “like a Moroccan Fair,” Marovich and I were gasping for air. The writing is smart, quirky-funny, and I can’t help but embrace any show that really uses a nuanced comedy stallion like Chris Elliott (or Andrea Martin, Dave Thomas, Joe Flaherty or Norm Macdonald, for that matter). God, how I miss SCTV. Can you tell?

I hope you have a chance to check out Schitt’s Creek on the POP Network (formerly TVGN) and if so, you can share which line(s) made you laugh the hardest so I can relive them all over again. This show lives up to its every creative and on-board talent promise. WATCH IT.