It’s a Good Mythical Morning Here at the Okay Corral

Since Dave MMO games on Star Wars: The Old Republic with the “Purge” Guild from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. nightly…

Dave's Nightly Gaming Addiction - Star Wars: The Old Republic, Purge Guild

Dave’s Nightly Gaming Addiction – Star Wars: The Old Republic, Purge Guild

…I’m the “morning person” who gets up with Jack. This is for the best. Jack and I start firing on all synapses the moment our eyes open–upbeat, excited, ready to carpe diem. Conversely, Dave is very slow to wake up and doesn’t appreciate our puppy-like energy first thing in the morning — our howls of laughter, our dance-offs, our shared penchant for weird breakfast menus…Jack and I would take last night’s sushi over scrambled eggs any day of the week.

Our Breakfast Entertainment: Good Mythical Morning

Our Breakfast Entertainment:                    Good Mythical Morning (like yours truly, Jack gets skeeved by the egg yolks)

One of the many blessings from Jack is his rich sense of humor. Even Dave begrudgingly admits this comes from my side. Especially the arrested development stuff that cracks up most 12-year-olds. Take this morning, for example. Jack introduced me to a show that’s been on for 5 seasons but is new to me “Good Mythical Morning” starring Rhett and Link. It’s age-appropriate, clean humor — clearly channeling some Weird Al Yankovic. Their OCD tribute parody song was brilliant — reminding me of a few special people in my life (and you know who you are!):

Just curious – do any of you reading this get skeeved out by egg yolks like Jack and me?