My Friend Peter Harper’s First Solo Album

The immensely talented artist, musician an all-around ridiculously handsome PETER HARPER.

The immensely talented artist, musician, and all-around ridiculously handsome PETER HARPER.

Peter Harper is one of my friends whom I don’t chat with for a while, but when I do, it’s always invigorating and feels like no time has passed. He and I first connected when he was doing his amazing art project, “Faces of Life” Masks (which he’s still curating) and I was scheduling UFC Champ client Bas Rutten, TV attorney client Jeffrey Brown, and True Blood/Magic Mike actor Joe Manganiello to get their face masks done. (I think Bas was the only one brazen enough to do his with an open mouth.)

I feel bad about it, but somehow I had totally missed out on the fact that Peter produced an album and has been touring all over the place. To rectify that, here’s an iTunes link to his album: If his last name is familiar, Peter is brother to musical talent, Ben Harper, but Peter totally holds his own musically. What a ridiculously talented family! If you watch the “Take it Home” video, you’ll discover a unique guitar…which Peter crafted himself. Like I said…ridiculously talented.

Peter’s music is easy. Soul soothing. Pour yourself a glass of (insert your favorite mellow beverage here) and give it a listen. Here’s your link to do so: