Inaugural Post!

My good friend Anjie loves Batman even more than I do! Here’s her blog on the new comic!


Welcome to my first post. I am excited!

I got up early and read Batman & Robin Eternal #1. This is the first issue in a planned 52 week run. Oh Boy! Is it starting out fun! This first issue was the set up, getting everyone into place and letting us know who we will be playing with for the next 52 weeks. It had a fair amount of action and a whole lot of mystery. I really enjoyed the way they introduced the players. That one screen shot with their names and vital info.That was cute. Yes…I said cute. In this first issues we find Dick Grayson, Tim Drake and Jason Todd working together chasing bad guys. The way the goof around together is great, I love it. A few pages later we have some serious mind control going on that catches Dick WAY, WAY off guard and sets the…

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