The OCD Mosquito: Marovich Strikes AGAIN.

I can honestly say, I’ve never seen anyone suffer with seasonal allergies like Marovich, which has only been the past couple of years for her. For Marovich, it manifests in her eyes, where she’s managed to literally rub the orbital skin raw. I get itchy, burning empathy pains around my eyes from seeing her like this. (This may, however, provide me with some physical advantage in our next racquetball match on Wednesday night.) I was at Marovich’s yesterday for a barbecue and right away, she presented me with her latest dilemma. The OCD mosquito that attacked her arms:

The OCD Mosquito Incident

The OCD Mosquito Incident

I was completely stunned and aghast as I gazed upon the perfectly vertical, symmetrical bite pattern for about five seconds, processing, processing…and then I recalled she was getting allergy testing on Friday. Dammit! She got me. AGAIN.

So my friend “Mushroom Lynn” and I are going to this local Himalayan salt cave for its therapeutic benefits on June 1.

Inside of the Salt Cave

Inside of the Salt Cave

(I nicknamed her that because she once regrettably shared with me her experiences ‘shrooming in college, and even though I’ve never done drugs, the way Lynn described how hard it made her laugh–my favorite thing in the world to do–it was the one drug that nearly tempted me. Then I heard it often makes you vomit, which I abhor, so that was the end of my dalliance with said temptation.)

I’m told the Europeans do this salt cave vigil regularly for the health benefits of the iodine in the air, and I’m all for that – I even take iodine supplements because we in the Midwest are woefully under-dosed. I also salt my food with the pink Himalayan salt, which Dave has derisively deemed my “Crazy Lady Salt,” so that’s how it’s now referenced at the dinner table, as in:

“Pass the salt.”

“Regular, or Crazy Lady Salt?”

But I digress. As for the salt cave, it’s purported to help with allergies, asthma, inflammation, excema, an increase in energy, and other health issues. I have the occasional allergy, but really don’t suffer from any of these issues, but I am always up for a new, fun adventure. Here’s hoping it requires a new outfit!

And if that salt cave can help allergies, it might even help Marovich…you know, with avoiding those OCD mosquitoes.