#C2E2 #Chicago 2015: A Growing Show

This Ghostbusters Staypuft Marshmallow Man was one of my #cosplay favorites this year at #C2E2 – as was the Lego Boba Fett costume (I don’t have an image of the latter). This one had to burn a lot of calories, being so onerous to lug around!

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man at #C2E2 Chicago 2015

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man at #C2E2 Chicago 2015 – Photo by Ken Heinemann

I heard the show was busier this year, based on the fact that Lot A at McCormick Place was full already before 10 a.m. It’s always good news to hear a fairly young show is thriving, especially one so local to us. Dave sold out of his #Marvel Issue #1 #StarWars variant covers the first day, which is always a good sign (have no fear, he brought in more).

C2E2, like San Diego Comic-Con, is a like a family reunion with our many artist, writer, publishing, and creator friends. Dave Dorman‘s table is stationed at J-1 in Artists Alley, which is ideal because directly across from us is Bill and Linda Lessman Reinhold, two of my favorite carbon life forms:

Bill and Linda Lessman Reinhold, great friends and enormous talent

Bill and Linda Lessman Reinhold, great friends and enormous talent

and behind us is Darron Jackson and Steve Howard, two more of my favorite humanoids.

Illustrators Darron Jackson, Steve Howard, and me.

Illustrators Darron Jackson, Steve Howard, and me.

I reconnected with Ken Heinemann, my cameraman for my video and TV show production projects; he was handling A/V for all of the panels. He came to visit me during the M. Night Shyamalan/Matt Dillon panel (a new Twilight Zone-style show, I’m told), which just goes to show you how non-plussed he is by all of the geeky fun. He just came off of the Soundstage tour, so this was an easy gig in comparison. I offered to be Kenny’s grip, but my non-union status precludes me from that.

I want to mention that our friend J. Anthony Kosar of TV’s Face Off winner fame has expanded his Kosart Atelier where he teaches special f/x makeup, and classes are available, so be sure to check him out at http://kosartartelier.com

TV's FACE OFF Season 4 Winner, J. Anthony Kosar with Dave Dorman & me

TV’s FACE OFF Season 4 Winner, J. Anthony Kosar with Dave Dorman & me








2 thoughts on “#C2E2 #Chicago 2015: A Growing Show

  1. It was a good show, an improvement over the past two years, but still not quite at the high level the first few C2E2s established. For whatever reason, the show has veered away from spotlighting most comic talent who aren’t currently employed by the Big 2 (with the exception of Stan Lee, of course); their earlier emphasis on Bronze Age writers and artists was a key to what made C2E2 work so well at first. This recent “Wizardization” has not served them well, I feel.

    And I’m dubious about the Lot A situation. Other than the first year, which was in the Lakeside building, I’ve always been able to park in A on all three days. Now suddenly, it’s “full” on Friday morning at 10 AM, when the con floor is still (comparatively speaking) sparsely populated? My suspicion is that it’s either under construction, or else some other entity is utilizing it.

    On the plus side, virtually every vendor I spoke with said they did well all three days. One said they sold more on Saturday than they had sold over all three days last year, so today was “just gravy,” as he put it. 🙂

    And I’m also pleased to see that the artists’ trend of the past couple of years of featuring female characters (in particular popular mainstream superheroines) in sexually provocative garb and positions (‘stripper poses’, in shorthand) seems to be on the wane. Still plenty of art…much of it great art…of the ladies, but by and large they were portrayed in ways that wouldn’t garner an NC-17 rating at the box office. I’m no prude, but I don’t need pole dance shots of teenaged Supergirl, thanks very much.

    Very glad to hear you had a good time!

    • Gene, I do know there was some other event happening (at least on Friday), so that could have affected the parking situation. One thing that pleases me is the size of Artists Alley – they have made it HUGE and roomy, and I wish every show did it that well.

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